Single Digital Issue: Forbes Africa February 2020


The February 2020 issue of FORBES AFRICA features Africa’s 20 billionaires, from Dangote to Dewji. It highlights some great stories and volatile fortunes. Who are the top winners and losers in the new ranking? How many million dollars did one particular entrepreneur lose? Also in this issue, a look at West Africa’s agricultural sector: the ongoing feuds between farmers and cattle herders in the rural parts of the country that are threatening the future of the sector. And, are the real benefits of the global cocoa trade trickling down to the mouths that need it the most? And then, we have the new Miss Universe talking about the struggles of being a woman in her home country, South Africa. We also have in this issue futurists and trend-spotters delving into the mouth-watering technologies of the future that you should definitely know about. Other topics such as climate change tech and remote working also feature, besides our regular focus on entrepreneurs and contrarians rocking the business world.

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