Single Digital Issue: Forbes Africa November 2019


The November issue of FORBES AFRICA is literally a collectors’ edition. On the cover, we have Africa’s aficionados who have made it their business and personal pursuit to collect everything from the old to the unusual to the bizarre. From vintage cars and vinyl records to wine and art, to them , these collectibles are more than mere things, they are priceless treasures and extensions of who they are. Read our fabulous spread on what the rich and famous are doing with their time and money. Also in the issue, more news on why there are more women entering the freight and logistics sector. Also, what’s brewing in Japan – rooibos tea, which is proudly South African. Elsewhere in the issue, the man who played Star Trek’s iconic captain, William Shatner, lands in Africa. But our proudest moment in this issue is an interview with Kenyan sprinter, Eliud Kipchoge. All this and more, in the November edition!

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